How to style asymmetric single pendant lights (2020)

Have you been searching for that perfect pendant light? You will have noticed that pendant lights are generally symmetrical.  But what about asymmetric lights?  Asymmetric pendant lights look stunning and always make a design statement in any room. So, you’ve fallen in love with asymmetric pendant lighting, but how do you style them?

Console tables

Console tables look perfect with an asymmetric pendant light.  You can hang one at either end of a console table. An asymmetric pendant light is the perfect balance to a beautiful vase or some coffee table books.  Select a colour that compliments you colour scheme or a new colour as a statement or to add some interest.

single pendant light in white and gold
Breakfast bars

Asymmetric pendant lights are perfect hung in rows over a breakfast bar.  Complete your breakfast bar with some statement pendant lighting.  Hang over the end of a breakfast bar or evenly spaced across a breakfast bar.  Asymmetric pendant lights are the perfect finishing touch to your breakfast bar and can also add accent lighting. Pick a colour that ties in with some of the features in your kitchen. A copper tap or brass handles in your kitchen cupboards.

Bedside tables

Asymmetric pendant lights work beautifully over bedside tables.  Hang either side of a bed and angle slightly inward to compliment each other.  These pendant lights provide a perfect pool of light for bedtime reading.

single pendant light in brushed brass

Coffee tables

An asymmetric pendant light completes a coffee table.  Nestle in the corner of a room with a coffee table and a reading chair. A pendant light can complete the corner of a room. The pendant will provide focused but subtle lighting for relaxing and reading.


You can also have some fun with asymmetric pendant lights. Hang them at different heights to create interest, or mix the colours and finishes.  There are so many options but they will always look stylish and make a statement. 

Finally, it's important to think about the height that you hang your pendant lights.  Getting a balance is key.  If too high your eye is drawn to the bulb and not the beautiful pendant light. Too low and it doesn't light the area effectively enough and can obscure your view. 

single pendant light in matte black and gold

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